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…human life has no boundries provided it recognizes the wonderful and beautiful potentialities of the individual human being.

Alden B. Dow

Progress Report Requirements

All grant recipients are required to submit a progress report no later than twelve months after a grant is received. The progress report form will be supplied at the time a grant is awarded, and is availablesubmission on our grantee portal. Future funding requests will not be considered until this report is fully completed and returned.

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Grant Progress Report

Evaluation Questions

The following information is needed by The Alden and Vada Dow Family Foundations to help us monitor the activities and outcomes of your grant.  Please be concise and specific; brevity is good.

  • How is your organization using The Alden and Vada Dow Family Foundations grant and is it for the original intent?
  • If you made any significant changes in your organization since receiving the grant, please list.
  • What else are you doing to secure funding (fundraisers, grant writing, etc?


If you have questions please address your correspondence to:

Daria Potts, Grants Coordinator
Alden and Vada Dow Family Foundations
315 Post Street
Midland, MI 48640

Phone: (989) 839-2744
Fax: (989) 839-2611