Frequently Asked Questions


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Alden B. Dow

How do I apply to the Foundation?

The Alden and Vada Dow Family Foundations have a Grant Application Format and Cover Sheet that must be used to apply for a grant. You can print this form from our website. The guidelines must be followed when applying to the Foundations. Please make sure that you include all necessary attachments that are listed on the last page of the guidelines. Without all the required attachments, your grant proposal will not be reviewed. Please also note that your application must be mailed to our foundation offices; we cannot accept online submissions.

When are the deadlines for your funding cycles?

Before February 15th and before August 15th are the funding deadlines. Grant proposals received after those dates will be held over to the next funding cycle.

What is a typical amount for a grant?

The Foundations award grants according to the needs of the organization and the availability of grant funds. A typical grant ranges from $3,000 – $20,000. The Foundations have awarded larger grants based on need and exceptional circumstances.

What kind of grants do you award?

At this time, The Foundations is primarily focusing on operational or general program grants.

Do you give scholarships or award grants to individuals?

No, we do not award scholarships or grants to individuals.

If my organization receives funding one year, can I apply the next year?

Organizations may reapply to the Foundations on an annual basis if a need exists. There are several organizations that have a long history with the Foundations.

After I receive a grant is there any obligation on my part?

You will be required to submit a Grant Progress Report nine months after your grant has been awarded. You will receive a copy of the Grant Progress Report form when you receive your grant. The form is also available on this website. You will not be eligible to reapply for funding if the Grant Progress Report is not received on time at the Foundations office.

If I have questions about the Grant Guidelines, whom can I call to help me?

You may call or email us and we will assist you as you make application to the Foundations.

Can I make a presentation to your board regarding my project?

With limited time and very full agendas, the Foundations will typically conduct a site visit prior to the trustees’ meeting to learn more about the organization. Presentations by organizations are rare and are made at the request of the trustees.

Do you give grants outside the state of Michigan?

Although the Foundations have awarded grants outside the state of Michigan, the Foundations specifically solicited these grants. We do not review unsolicited proposals from outside our geographic focus area.

How do I know if the Foundations have received my grant proposal?

We will send you a letter that verifies receipt of your proposal and the approximate date at which you will be notified regarding either the approval or declination of your grant. All grant proposals that fall outside grant guidelines or are outside our geographic area will be sent a declination.