If we want a happy society we must recognize this fact and do everything to stimulate the individual’s constructive creative urges

Alden B. Dow

The list below represents past grants awarded by the Foundations. This sampling represents the type of projects, amount of typical grants and illustrates the geographic focus for the Foundations.

If you are considering applying for a grant or are a current grantee, you can access our Grant Guidelines and the Grant Progress Report, template downloads are also availble on these pages.

Arts and Culture

Bay City Players $10,000
Chemical City Band $3,000
Midland Community Orchestra $3,000
Teenage Musicals $8,000
Traverse Symphony Orchestra $10,000


City of Midland Pickleball Courts $10,000
Kings Daughters and Sons Community Christmas Closet $7,000
Midland Area Community Foundation Central Park Pavilion $5,000
Midland Camping Council $25,000
Traverse Area Community Sailing $10,000


Chippewa Cooperative Preschool $21,100
Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan $15,000
Inland Seas Education Association $22,500
Legacy Center for Community Success (The) $25,000
READ Association $6,500


Chippewa Watershed Conservancy $16,000
Chippewa Nature Center $20,000
Little Forks Conservancy $30,000
Grass River Natural Area $15,000

Health and Human Services

ARC of Shiawassee (The) $11,000
Child Abuse and Neglect Council (CAN) $20,000
G.R.A.C.E. Center $20,000
Northern Michigan Children’s Assessment Center $20,000
Underground Railroad $20,000